Summer road trip round the iconic routes of the USA? Selling classic or performance second hand vehicles to the USA? Or simply moving back home? There can be many reasons to ship a car, motorcycle, campervan, boat, motorhome or machinery back to the USA and some of these can even be for your business.

The United states has three services from NZ either Roll on Roll off or via a Full or Shared Container but first you need to decide exactly where you want to ship from in NZ and to in the USA. Not all ports are serviced Via both options so see below the main ports for each service in the USA. Containers can also be sent inland and to other ports via transhipment which would get you to anywhere you desire however the cost can be a concern. See our roll on roll off vs full container vs shared container pages to assist in your decision.

Roll on roll offContainers
Long Beach (Los Angeles, California)Long Beach (Los Angeles, California)
Savanah (Georgia)New York (New York)
Galveston (Texas)
Baltimore (Maryland)

Selling cars to buyers in the USA and things to consider are taxes for the importer rules and regulations. USA is a highly regulated economy and may vehicles are prohibited for importation to the USA however some exemptions do apply so its important that you make sure your buyer in the USA has all the right approvals in place in order to import the car or US customs could end up seizing it upon arrival, we here at Rocket Freight can help you make the right decisions just get in touch with our team today. Also every state has different sales taxes and rules its important for the buyer to be aware of these costs. We can also just ship to the closest port in some of these types of situations and leave the buyer to sort out the taxes and customs clearances this can help keep you out of any troubles on arrival.

Temporary exports to the USA things you need to consider

  1. The USA is a vast country and you need to make sure you make the right decision about what port to send to.
  2. A general rule of thumb for the cost of shipping is anywhere around the coast of the USA being the cheapest areas to ship to with more inland places being more expensive.
  3. Also the west coast is geographically a lot closer to NZ so can result in faster transit times so that should be part of your consideration.
  4. Make sure you have your paperwork in order you need your EPA and DOT permits ready before you ship we can help point you in the right direction just get in touch today.
  5. You have 1 year to complete your sightseeing trip in the USA before you must export your vehicle either back to NZ or on to another country.
  6. Most vehicles will be accepted for entry to the USA on a temporary basis.
  7. Carnet documents are a great way to fly through customs without bond fees payable we can put you in touch with the right people.

Do you have further questions?

Check our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about shipping to the USA from New Zealand.

Shipping to the USA is a passion of Rocket Freight and every shipment sent to the USA is taken care of like one of our own, let us know today if you have any further questions or would like a no obligation free quote. We look forward to assisting you.