Sometimes you just don’t have enough cargo to fill up a whole container right? A small pallet of business supplies or retail product in China that you need to get sent over or just a large box ordered online that’s too expensive for courier. There are many examples of things that’s can be placed in a shared container private or personal Motorcycles bought in overseas or your business imports boxes of clothes from overseas whatever it might be if the total volume is less than 10-12 cubic metres it can be worthwhile looking at shared container options.

What are shared containers you might ask well basically shared containers are full containers made up of everybody’s goods that are two small to justify there own full container, so as freight forwarders we put all our customers freight together and make a full container booking that way we get to divide the price of a full container over all the customers we have delivering exceptional prices to all customers down to a minimum price of 1 cubic metre.

We even have vehicle shared containers from some place in the world and when roll on roll off shipping is not available we have containers loaded with vehicles with our special ramping systems we can often load 3 – 4 vehicles inside and container and the odd couple of motorbikes too, we also can load caravans when the dimensions are favourable and the roll on roll off price is to high.

Shared containers are a great way to move your personal effects especially if you live in anpartment, lets face it not everybody has a lot of stuff that you want to take with you when you move overseas so we can offer the same consolidated container service or shared container service to you with your move from 4 or 5 boxes to a few pallets we look after it all for you and make sure you pay the lowest possible price by matching you with others moving to the same country as you.

Shared container shipping can have a downside and that is being a little bit slower than traditional shipping of full containers or roll on roll off cargo, this is due to the fact that in some cases we have to wait to get enough similar cargo from the same origin and destination to be able to fill a container we strive to get this done in record time however it can take some time.