Machinery Shipping

Huge is what the team at Rocket Freight loves to do

We have a big team ready to make the biggest machines in the world move across the oceans, From giant mining machines to massive scrap yard shredders and all the stuff in between self propelled or not self propelled rocket freight can make your machinery moving dream a reality.


There are many types of Machinery Shipping and Rocket Freight deliver on all your needs with our specialist team. 

The first things you need to consider

Before you ship any machinery it is always great to consider the overall cost of getting the machine into your hands. Many additional things can come in to play and need to be considered.



When deciding to purchase large machinery you must first find out where you have to ship it from and to. Often the sheer costs of moving something from an isolated area can make the costs prohibitively expensive. Our specialists also need to know many of the following things so we can determine pricing and the best way to ship economically.



These basic questions can make all the difference in being able to get cost effective pricing to you as quickly as possible so when you enquire to buy always make sure these questions are at the forefront of your questioning. Getting photos of the machinery as well as any lifting points is also really helpful. Remember that shipping pricing and costs can sometimes make or break a deal so we want to be sure to get it right.


Machinery shipping experts

Shipping a Machinery can be quite a daunting prospect for some with so much information online that only tells half the story and is full of hidden costs you just never know what to expect however here at Rocket Freight we hold nothing back and all is spelled out for you from the start.