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Dreaming of that new boat to bring back to your local marina?

A Rocket shipping specialist can assist you with their extensive experience in exporting and importing of large yachts & launches.


Shipping a large boat can come at considerable cost however often prices of these yachts and launches overseas can be so cheap that it may be worthwhile considering.

Your boat
still in the water?

So how do we got about it when your boat is not on a trailer and is still in the water?


This can be one of the most challenging and demanding of all shipping projects but we can still help you, often we need to have the boats lifted from the water at the marina they are located at then a special cradle is engineered and the boat goes on a truck to the port to be loaded onto either a flat rack container or a special roll on roll off trailer depending on the overall size.

What if your boat is too large to transport by road on a cradle? 


Often in cases like this we make arrangements for boats to be driven under their own power locally to portside where they are lifted either onto a cradle at a large port terminal or we simply have it craned directly onto a specialised large boat or yacht carrier!

Too large to transport
by road on a cradle?

Let us help you today!

It’s a complex task shipping a large yacht or boat we recommend you get in touch with one of our shipping specialists who can help you each step of the way.