General Freight

A leading powerhouse
in the world of international freight

We have multiple shipments arriving and departing daily and can service any of your shipping needs, either by airfreight or seafreight, import or export, Rocket is here to make sure your product moves in the fastest and most economical way. Businesses rely on us everyday to get their product all the way from the factory to where it can be sold.


Our team pride ourselves on making this happen every day, so when thinking of a new freight provider for your business think Rocket Freight for a difference that is sure to change the way you see freight forwarders.

Imports to New Zealand

New Zealand is very import dependant and most of our products are imported, whilst exports may make money for new zealand we sure wouldn’t be doing some of the most efficient farming and agricultural exports without all the high tech tools and machinery that we import to make those sectors so productive for us the bulk of which is imported.


We service all the major ports in China the USA, Australia, United Kingdom & Europe which are our leading import nations of choice.  We also ship from many other countries too and a wide variety of commodities which makes us well versed in ensuring that your cargo arrives safely and efficiently with the minimum price paid.

from New Zealand

Exports are essential to NZ and its never been a better time to sell your product overseas, Rocket Freight can help you with a network of offices worldwide to advise us on all your export ideas.


We can ship anywhere in the world with ease and competitive rates experience the rocket freight export difference today and call the team we would be happy to assist you.

Rocket Freight is proud to provide a fully licensed in house brokerage service. Currently employing 4 registered accredited customs brokers with over 50 years experience in tariff classification and preference of origin rules you can be assured that we will assess your tax requirements and ensure you are paying the minimum amount legally possible.


Often we find these days our competitors don’t have much experience in this area and businesses and outsource the brokerage, which means that consumers are often paying Duties and GST where they shouldn’t be. Get in touch with Rocket Freight today for a free assessment of your customs brokerage needs.

Customs Broker

Controlled Area

Rocket freight is a customs controlled and bonded area meaning we can collect your goods or containers whilst still waiting for clearance, saving you time and money in expensive storage fees whilst you wait for customs clearance.


Let us know and we will likely be able to assist you with all your under bond customs controlled area needs.

MPI Approved Transitional Facility​

Rocket freight is an MPI ATF or Approved Transitional Facility. We hold a High Risk license allowing us to handle the cargo that many other ATF facilities cannot. We have MPI approved vehicle inspection hoists and can handle all your containerised vehicle unpacking requirements.


If you have shipped it then likely rocket freight can handle the stringent MPI unpack regulations and inspection requirements.


Get in touch today for all your warehousing and container unpacking needs.