International Touring Shipping

Worldwide touring, holidays and racing events

Don’t want to move permanently but just want a holiday and to take your vehicle with you?


Be it a motorcycle, caravan or a classic 1928 Ford Model A Roadster we and make your dream touring holiday a reality and help you safely get the vehicle to where you want to go and home again. Along with the great memories! 

We are experts

We are experts in temporary import approvals and carnet de passage documentation allowing you to visit countries without paying taxes and in some cases also drive on the road legally in different countries with your original country of origin registration plates.

Let us help you today!

From motorcycle or classic car club tours with multiple cars or motorcycles, to the individual backpacker needing the bare bones price, we can look at all your options and provide solutions to your dreams.

Talk to us ASAP if you need advice about importing cars to NZ.