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Customs Clearance is a must for all goods arriving into New Zealand and all commercial shipments need to be cleared by a qualified registered customs broker.



Rocket Freight has 4 Customs brokers on site with varying levels of experience from 1 to 20+ years and can advise on all aspects of the clearance process.

Minimizing your taxes

Minimizing your taxes is a speciality we ensure you pay the lowest tax legally possible through correct classification and concession coding of your goods, we understand and claim duty free entry of goods through various trade agreements new Zealand has worldwide.


We can help with gaining concessions for your particular product to be imported to NZ duty free.


We also handle export clearances as every shipment leaving NZ also needs an export clearance these formalities are no problem for the experienced team at rocket freight.


Sometimes during the customs clearance process other government departments are alerted to the type of goods you are importing and these agencies also ask for clearance, MPI is a major player in stopping shipments as they are tasked with the bio-security of New Zealand however other agencies can become involved like Food Safety, Department of Conservation, MFAT and others.  


If that’s the case Rocket Freight can assist you in obtaining clearance from these departments of government and get your goods in your hands as quickly as possible.

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Rocket Freight

Streamlining Custom Clearance Services in New Zealand

Rocket Freight is a renowned logistics and freight company based in New Zealand and has built a reputation for efficiency and reliability in the realm of international shipping and customs clearance. When customers are seeking advice with importing and exporting goods to and from New Zealand, the terms “custom broker NZ,” “custom broker agent,” “custom broker Auckland,” and “custom broker New Zealand” are often thrown around in a search bar, and it is so important to find one you can trust. Our team is known for offering expert guidance in navigating the often complex customs procedures and regulations. Rocket Freight, as a leading player in the industry, is committed to simplifying the process and ensuring smooth custom clearance services.

What is The Role of a Custom Broker Agent?

A custom broker agent plays a pivotal role in ensuring that shipments comply with customs regulations and make it through customs clearance efficiently. These professionals are adept at interpreting the complex and ever-evolving rules and laws governing the import and export of goods. Rocket Freight boasts a team of highly skilled custom broker agents who are dedicated to offering tailored solutions to their clients. They take pride in their extensive knowledge of the customs processes. They are well-versed in services as an experienced customs broker Auckland-wide, as well as catering to customers who require a custom broker New Zealand-wide and worldwide.

We Are a Custom Broker in New Zealand with A Double Emphasis on Expertise

In the world of international trade, New Zealand presents unique challenges for importers and exporters due to its specific customs regulations and geographic location. The significance of an experienced custom broker in New Zealand cannot be overstated, as it encompasses a wide array of rules and requirements that are crucial for successful customs clearance in and out of the country. Rocket Freight, with its in-depth understanding of these regulations, is well-equipped to assist businesses in their endeavours to navigate the intricacies of the New Zealand customs landscape.

Custom Broker NZ

Simplifying the Complexities

Rocket Freight offers a range of services designed to meet this need, streamlining the customs clearance process for clients. From assessing and documenting the shipment to calculating duties and taxes, Rocket Freight’s custom broker agents are adept at every aspect of the customs clearance process.

Custom Clearance Service

A Vital Component

Custom clearance service is a critical aspect of international logistics, and it emphasises the importance of a comprehensive service that assists with all customs-related tasks. Rocket Freight, as a leader in this domain, provides clients with the assurance that their shipments will be cleared in a timely and efficient manner.

The Process of Custom Clearance Service

Rocket Freight excels in providing an efficient and transparent process for customs clearance services:

When it comes to international trade and customs clearance in New Zealand, Rocket Freight is a powerhouse of expertise and reliability. With a dedicated team putting a strong emphasis on being a team that you can trust and a reliable custom clearance service, Rocket Freight simplifies the complexities of customs procedures. It ensures that businesses can engage in international trade with confidence. 


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