Caravan Shipping

Wanting to take your caravan overseas?

Looking to ship a caravan? What a great idea! Nothing like a road trip with your own personal living quarters attached to the tow bar of your vehicle! Eyeing up buying a caravan overseas? There are many excellent reasons for buying and sending caravans around the world and a lot of them can save you money. Buying in caravan markets overseas can save you considerably compared to what it would cost you in the NZ market. Sometimes it makes sense to take your caravan with you, either on a holiday or permanently. With many people choosing the freedom of living permanently in a caravan it can be a simple way to move house.

Which method of
shipping will suit you best?

Caravans are often rather large however you will be surprised at how many caravans we ship in containers often with only a centimetre or so to spare on each side, please look at our will it fit in a container and work out if your caravan will fit or not as that gives us options if not you only have one choice which is to ship via the roll on roll off service,  Both options have different positives and negatives. 


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where you are going to ship?

When you first decide to make that leap and ship a caravan you need to first decide where you are going to ship from and to in most cases this is very simple and we have formulated some basic guides to shipping any type of unit on wheels to and from the most popular trade routes with New Zealand, Rocket Freight can ship from just about anywhere to anywhere so just get in touch today if you have any questions about any other destinations or origins.

The most common things to Consider before shipping a caravan

What Taxes might be payable to Customs on Arrival

What Taxes might be payable to Customs on Arrival
All goods over a value of NZD 1000 imported into NZ are subject to GST, and some items may be subject to Duty. The current rate is 15% of the CIF value (meaning the cost of your goods, + freight + insurance) some goods have exemption such as personal effects and vehicles but only under certain conditions. Contact rocket freight to find out if a concession applies to your situation.

What about quarantine decontamination and cleanliness

MPI is looking for anything that might be a threat to New Zealand’s Biosecurity. This can be insects such as the fruit fly which would devastate crops and farmers lively hoods if allowed access to new Zealand unchecked by MPI, also microscopic natural threats like PSA kiwifruit disease which likely came through the border. Seeds, dirt, grass and basically anything that is alive or was alive at some stage could potentially be a threat and is taken very seriously by MPI. We highly recommend to save additional fees anything you send to NZ is of the highest standard of cleanliness. Contact Rocket Freight today if you have any more questions.

What about compliance & registration costs

Compliance and registration are additional costs. We can help with complying your vehicle for registration in NZ but the registration process itself must be handled by the importer. There are many compliance centres available throughout NZ if you choose to arrange this yourself, otherwise the team can help guide you through this process. Get in touch today.

Can I ship personal effects in my caravan

Goods can be put inside your caravan for shipping but only if you ship inside a shipping container. Everything you put inside must be declared to NZ customs & MPI on arrival or at the destination country’s relevant authority. If you are shipping by Roll on Roll off, then vehicles with personal effects loaded in them are not accepted by the shipping lines. Contact Rocket Freight if you have any queries regarding what you can load.

Questions our customers frequently ask when it comes to caravan shipping

How long does it take?

That all depends! On where its coming from or going to, and on what service you choose. The sailing times and frequencies vary, so if your timeline is pressing get in touch today and we can look at the different options available to you.

When and how should I book in?

The sooner the better! As soon as you have a plan in place we can request space with the shipping lines. Depending on the space availability there may be a delay on shipping so if you have a date in mind get in touch with the Rocket Freight team immediately and we can set up a booking for you.

Do I need to have a current registration to ship?

No, however for exports you do have to de-register the car before it leaves the country. The team at Rocket Freight can guide you through this process.

Do you Pickup Vehicles worldwide?

We can certainly try! As long as there is access to an international sea port we can usually assist. Get in touch with the team today and let us know the details.

Will my caravan be insured?

In most cases insurance is not included in the freight price quoted however the team at Rocket Freight will be able to help you insure the goods for transit if required. It pays to check your Inco terms / Purchase terms as this may be arranged with your supplier. Contact Rocket Freight today if you have any more questions about insurance.

Can I ship a gas bottle on my Caravan?

No, unfortunately gas bottles are considered dangerous goods and should be removed prior to shipping.

Should I empty my Caravan before shipping?

If you are shipping via Roll on Roll off then we suggest you remove anything that is not tied down. The vehicle will be accessed by wharf hands and handed through many ports during transit. And often shipping lines will not accept the unit on roll on roll off unless it is emptied. If you are loading into a shipping container you can leave your belongings inside as long as they are all declared.

Rocket Freight has shipped thousands of vehicles.

we are here to help with any and all questions, we are leaders in the field of freight and logistics and can help guide you through all this information and make sure you make the right decision based on what is important to you.  This is a part of our business that sets us apart from the others.