Battery Shipping

Trying to ship batteries across the world?

It can be a nightmare, and many forwarders won’t handle them due to the many shipping restrictions that are in place. 


Any batteries that you wish to send require a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), specially designed, tested and manufactured DG rated packaging, and specific individual labelling for each package. 

You also need a dangerous goods declaration signed off by the shipper before you are able to apply for a booking. 

Shipping a battery
is not easy

The same as normal dangerous goods, loading any batteries into a shipping container means that the whole container is then considered dangerous, and the charges increase substantially as a result. 


In addition to this, in many countries export permits are required for Dangerous goods exports. 


As an example, any batteries that are shipping from China require an export licence in order to be able to export. In some cases we can purchase this export licence on your suppliers behalf, but often if your supplier is unable to provide this it may be unsafe for shipping or purchase. 


This is something you should try to find out before buying your products. 

In order to ship any type of batteries, the must have passed the applicable UN tests, and must meet both the inner and outer packaging requirements in order to be transported. 


There are different requirements for different batteries, which is determined by the size and power of the battery. There are also different requirements for batteries contained within equipment, and batteries travelling on their own. 


Any damaged batteries are prohibited in any shape or form.

There are large penalties for mis-declaration or incorrect labelling and documentation, so it is very important that you and your supplier get this right. 


If your supplier is unable to provide the correct documentation and labelling, we here at Rocket Freight are usually able to use our worldwide network to get it packed, labelled, and on it’s way in no time. 

Don't worry
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