International Courier Services

We have access to a whole network of courier services

While not a courier company ourselves, Rocket Freight has access to a whole network of courier services across the world. This is ideal for your small, urgent parcels.

Track at anytime

We also provide up to the minute tracking options for you and your customer to track at any time, day or night. 



This enables you to avoid situations where your supplier has sent small items via post, without any ability to track or find out where it is, and often ending up stuck at NZ Post depots for months. If you’ve tried to track an international package with NZ Post recently you’ll know what we mean. 


There are several options available for Courier services, and the best option for you will depend on the transit time you need, as well as the size and weight of your shipment. 

We also have an onboard courier option. 


This is when we hand carry goods for you on a flight to ensure that any high value or time sensitive goods travel directly to the necessary destination. This is usually the most expensive option, but is especially effective when your goods are having to transit several countries. 


As an example, many services won’t connect through to several pacific islands. Rocket Freight can collect your goods at Auckland airport, and hand carry through to the final destination. We have hand carried urgent aircraft parts from Auckland to Fiji and on to Kiribati. Nothing is too hard for Rocket Freight. 

Courier option

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