Event Exhibition Shipping

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Every year we provide time critical forwarding services for a very special Christmas event in New Zealand. Every step of this process is on the clock, along with unloading, display, reloading, and export overseas. 


We are specialists in temporary imports and exports, and can manage all the necessary clearances required for any events, tradeshows, conferences and exhibits throughout New Zealand. 

We can manage
the whole process for you

Whether it is a one off show that you are attending, or a whole host of exhibitors coming to display, we can assist you. 


If you are bringing items into New Zealand temporarily you need to outlay the customs & duty in order to receive the clearance. This will be refunded to you after export, when your customs entry will be completed to show NZ Customs that it has departed. 


We can manage this whole process for you, including arranging an importer on record for you if required.

We have arranged transport and logistics for many events in Auckland, from collection overseas, customs clearance, and delivery into the site as needed, right through to help with getting your stall set up. We can co-ordinate the delivery with the venue, and ensure that delivery windows are met.


Time is of the essence for any exhibit, and we have the equipment and contacts to ensure that you don’t miss a minute. We can also help your customers by offering forwarding services of your products to them after the event, making it even easier for your potential customers to get their hands on your products. 

Time is of the essence
for any exhibit

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