Oil and Gas Shipping

Large BOP’s, casing, drill bits, and many other items go into successful campaigns.

We are still heavily dependent on oil and gas for the time being and Rocket can facilitate all your oil and gas equipment needs. We can make your oil and gas project a reality, from chartering whole vessels full of your equipment needs to one off flat racks with specialized machines or containers of pipe and other smaller equipment.

Off-shore drilling logistics,
full site services

We have experience in off-shore drilling logistics, full site services and urgent shipments to minimize project shut-downs.


Rocket Freight are a trusted handling agent for multiple corporations that provide equipment to the entire oil and gas industry in New Zealand.


We understand the niche handling requirements of these high value products along with delivery timelines, cost factors and appropriate safety documentation for high risk working sites that are in these industries.

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Call us with any questions or queries and we will no doubt assist you with reduced costs, smoother timelines for campaigns/projects and fantastic customer service!