Aeronautical Shipping

From planes to Drones to Jet Engines

Aeronautical shipping can be some of the most delicate and fascinating shipping in the world.


Rocket freight has as experts in shipping of sensitive and often large aerospace equipment.  We have a network of agents around the world that we have worked with on many aerospace projects over many years so with the right experience in the right place Rocket Freight is here to get the job done hassle and damage free.

We provide specific handling
for aero shipments

A lot of the time, aero shipments are time sensitive and require specific handling such as air-ride suspension trucks for delicate jet systems or must fly cargo to meet tight project deadlines or repairs. Rocket Freight can provide any of these niche services as required and customized to meet the most individual and specific of needs. 



You provide us with deadline, special handling requirements and cargo details and we will achieve this. 


We have moved plenty of “AOG (air-craft on ground)” shipments worldwide where every hour saved can have massive effects on revenue gained or lost. 

We are always honest, practical in our estimates on deliveries which gives clients the most accurate information for maintenance, planning or progressing with projects.


Rocket Freight have moved gliders, prototype aircrafts and helicopters and have significant experience handling these delicate and high value consignments. There is no shipment too small or too large for us to handle and we have the know how to make the transit movement easy for you! 

We are always honest
and practical in the estimation

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