The humble shipping container numbers in its millions and roughly 80% of all cargo worldwide moves around the world in a shipping container. Introduced to replace the breakbulk method of shipping in the 1970s it has certainly become the most trusted method of shipping adding amazing compartmentalisation of shipping and all the efficiency of the modern world.

Containers are strong made of solid steel they protect your goods extremely well in transit from external elements and bumps and knocks over the often turbulent seas on there journeys around the world.

Container shipping is safer and cheaper than you think depending if you need a full container or a shared container the more product you get inside a container the better see our container dimensions page.

Our containers are loaded at depots around the world including our depots New Zealand goods are handled with extreme care and professionalism they are secured with sturdy steel bolts at our depots and not opened until arrived at our unpack depot at the end of the transit.

All types of cargo can be loaded together from vehicles and personal effects when a person moves overseas to boxes of books for a local bookseller, basically if the cargo fits inside a container then that is the best way to ship the cargo and the cheapest, however in some cases roll on roll off shipping works cheaper.

Rocket Freight has its own fully licensed container unpacking and distribution depot, it can be hard for importers to meet all the costs and government regulations in relation to the import and handling of their own containers, in that case Rocket Freight can handle the whole container process for you and deliver just the goods on a truck when ready to go saving you all the hassle and leaving you with just the desired product and none the paperwork and hassles of handling your own containers.

There is no real downside to container shipping especially if your goods are commercial and packaged in boxes ready to simply load in as long as it fits you should use this method however its always good to do freight comparison pricing with us when looking at vehicles and machinery that maybe better suited to roll on roll off shipping.

From and to New Zealand vehicles are often shipped inside containers with at lot less limited roll on roll off shipping we have had to practice systems of lashing that allow vehicles, bikes machinery even caravans and trucks to be loaded inside containers, check you vehicle dimensions against container dimensions here.

Container shipping is also the best way to move house when you new house is overseas, with Rocket Freight your goods get packaged professionally at your house moved to our depot loaded inside out sturdy containers and moved across the oceans safely and securely then unloaded and delivered and even unpacked and put away for you.