Carnet Documents are an awesome tool for short cutting the customs clearance process in all the countries that they are valid in which totals some 78 countries around the world. Since the start of the 20th Century the idea of easy temporary admission of goods through borders would assist in opening up commercial opportunities, however it took until 1963 for the first carnet to be issued for use. 

Carnets are Ideal when you will only temporarily have the goods in a country for a short period of time or if your goods are going through multiple countries like goods for exhibitions, shows, concerts, touring vehicles etc

Carnet documents allow you to pass through borders without paying any bonds or security deposits with the local customs office for taxes.

ATA carnets are usually the way to go with static cargo they have a cheaper application fee and bond requirements however have motor vehicles that you want to drive on the road in other countries then you will definitely want to get your hands on a CPD Carnet.

Special Vehicle Carnets did you know there are also special vehicle carnet called a CPD carnet so if your planning to take your vehicle travel around the carnet network of 78 countries not only will it allow you to pass through tax free it will also allow you to drive the vehicle without having to register in the particular country you are passing through just as long as you keep it registered in its home country for the entire time you are away.

Carnets are designed to take a lot of hassle and stress out of moving goods that will not stay in countries permanently they are easy to apply for and a bond is held by the issuing authority of the carnet.

Some countries don’t allow carnets to be used or only allow ATA or CPD or vice versa if you have interest in carnets we at Rocket Freight can help and guide your through the process of obtaining one that works for you. Contact our specialists today.