Rocket Freight is a full licensed customs controlled area and can hold your goods in store without customs clearance this can save thousands by removing the containers off the wharf where they would otherwise occur demurrage fees which can be up to $200.00 per day for a container, also by continuing the process we can unpack and dehire your container saving potential detention fees for having the container too long which can also be up to $200.00 per day. Getting your goods cleared and into new Zealand for the best possible price is our priority and we have customs continuous collectors permits and all the other approvals in place to make it happen even in the worst case scenarios we can likely help where others cannot. If your having trouble with your customs clearances and need us to get the job done for you then get in touch with one of our shipping specialists today.

Customs controlled areas are also the only way to unpack groupage or FAK containers as all the LCL shipments in a shared container need to be cleared separately from a Customs Controlled Area.