Roll on Roll off shipping put simply is like a large car ferry however car ferries are usually only used for short distance travel where as Roll on Roll off carriers go around the whole world and through rough seas very safely and efficiently.

Contrary to popular belief 99% of roll on roll off carriers do not have cargo exposed to the elements on deck.

All cargo is actually stored inside the ship internally, the ship is constructed with a large superstructure which contains within it what could easily be described as a underground carpark however the floors are adjustable in height allowing for multiple sized vehicles to be loaded with absolute perfect efficiency no space wasted.

When you vehicle arrives at the port likely on the back of one of our tow trucks the goods are unloaded paperwork passed over to the port with the keys and the vehicle is stored until the designated ship arrives to take your car to its destination, the car is then driven onto the boat into the correct location by height and destination then strapped down securely round each wheel into special lashing points in the floor of the ship, no lashing ever touch the paintwork of mechanical parts of the cars it only touches the rubber of your car minimising the chance of any damage.

Upon arrival it is unlashed and taken to a holding area at the port of arrival to await customs and or quarantine inspection requirements once that is completed a tow truck arrives to take the vehicle to the final location that you have requested.

Roll on Roll off shipping is generally the cheapest way to ship a vehicle from one location to another however it does have some limitations, the shipping companies that operate the boats do not allow you to load anything inside the vehicles so if your thinking I can load up my goods into the car then put it on the roll on roll off you will have to look at containerised options for those goods or both the car and goods together in a container depending on how much goods you have.

Also roll on roll off in most cases will only take vehicles in perfect running driving order, so your project car or vehicles for parts will likely need to be placed in a container for shipping. There are sometimes some exceptions to this rule if you don’t mind your vehicle being forklifted which sometimes is acceptable when talking about vehicles for parts however this is not available to and from all destinations so for a general rule please discount this.

Roll on Roll off shipping can also take motorcycles however some shipping companies will not accept on all routes so check with us and we can advise.

Machinery, Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Project cargo and other oversized rolling or non rolling objects, often roll on roll off carriers are also the cheapest and only way to get your large goods moved around the world. Even static cargo can be loaded onto special trailers and brought by roll on roll off carriers like large swimming pools or prefabricated buildings.