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We love the challenge of those impossible tasks you throw our way, and connecting all the dots to get your goods from A to B to Z and back again if required and connecting all the dots to get your goods …

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Trust one of New Zealand's best freight forwarding & international car shipping companies.

Some international shipping companies treat you as a number. As one of New Zealand’s family-run shipping companies, we provide a boutique-style service with tailor-made freight forwarding & import-export solutions to suit YOU.

We’re a team who lives and breathes freight.

One of New Zealand’s family-run shipping companies, providing a boutique-style service with tailor-made freight forwarding & import-export solutions to suit YOU. No matter where you are in the world, we ensure door-to-door delivery with no drama. drama. We’re a team who lives and breathes freight. – Unlike other shipping companies, Rocket Freight is a NZ owned and operated business taking a truly personalised approach. We make importing or exporting EASY. It’s our job! We love the challenge of those impossible tasks you throw our way, and making all the dots connect to get your goods from A to B to Z and back again if required. You need a reliable, experienced freight forwarder and licensed customs broker who you can contact 24/7 – that’s us in a rocket ship. We can ship anything you want. And we take care of everything for you.
The Rocket Freight Team – When searching for shipping companies to help you professionally or personally, you need someone you can trust. Rocket Freight’s directors have over four decades of experience in forwarding and brokerage, as well as the import and export of special project cargo.
Need help moving commercial goods? International shipping and import-export from NZ can be confusing and overwhelming… well that’s what our clients have told us before they discovered us at Rocket Freight. Importing cars, for example, requires a permit, thorough checks from appropriate governing bodies and customs clearance. With all these processes to contend with, clients need all the help and support they can from a reliable freight company. Here at Rocket Freight, we pay attention to details and customise our services accordingly. We want to meet your freight forwarding needs.
Does your shipment require hyper-organisation? That’s where we excel. We handle the ENTIRE process with passion and care. That includes speaking to your suppliers to arrange air or sea freight, setting you up as an importer or exporter, taking care of customs and MPI clearance, and organising delivery wherever you need. Fantastic customer service is not just a cliche. Our team are moving magicians who come through with the goods – literally – every single time. Simply drop us a line and we will take care of the rest, leaving you to focus on your business.
Unhappy with your current freight forwarder and looking for an alternative? There’s a reason you’ve found us. Are you importing from China to NZ? Will you soon be moving from NZ to Australia? We are going to make your life easier and getting those goods transported just got a whole lot more fun! Now, you can ship imported cars or any other cargo without worries. From safety to customs clearance and brokerage to extra baggage concerns, we ensure a smooth-sailing international relocations & shipping experience for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. Put us to the test. We love to come through where the others can not. We’re in it for the long term relationship we develop with you, wanting to see your business succeed and grow. That’s where we get our success stories from.
Moving your household internationally? Moving from Australia or NZ? Moving house is stressful enough, even without shifting to a whole new country! How much more if you’re moving overseas? The stress of relocating from one place to another often take a toll on one’s well-being. With a million things to think about it, you just need someone who knows exactly how to get you and all your belongings (yes even the family pet) to your destination. That is why instead of taking everything into your own hands, it pays to work with experienced and highly qualified movers to Australia. Working with them will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. How do you know you’re working with the right freight forwarder? One thing you should look at is consideration for your specific requirements. International shipping companies should put you first, not offer cookie cutter freight forwarding and export-import to New Zealand packages that don’t fit your needs. Rocket Freight gives you the tailor-made, responsive and efficient service you need to make your overseas relocations – moving from NZ to Australia or anywhere – straightforward. We are experts in the moving households, car imports, business exports and a lot more! Our systematic approach to logistics and shipping, facilitated through air freight and sea freight cargo, have enabled us to build a loyal clientele and generate a long list of satisfied customers.
The Rocket Freight Commitment- Exceptional customer service at any time of the day or night. Competitive prices, Complete door to door services. Personal management of your export from or import to NZ shipments from pick up to delivery. Customised freight forwarding solutions with care. We look forward to hearing from you.

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