There are many aspects to think about when packaging your goods for overseas transport, The team at Rocket Freight have been sending goods around the world for 20+ years and have seen what can happen if goods are not packaged correctly.

Firstly you must consider the goods and how fragile or breakable they are and ensure you have sufficient packaging around it and in many cases if you want the goods to be insured whilst in transit then you will have to have them professionally packed.

There are 4 levels of safety in packaging that Rocket Freight considers for goods depending on the type.

  • Highest – Fully crated in either a steel, plastice or wooden crate*
  • High – wrapped and boxed and palletised.
  • Medium – Wrapped and boxed
  • Low – Boxed

You need to consider how you package your goods if your unsure and want our expert opinion give us a call we would be happy to help you.

*Wooden packaging

Wooden packaging is something you have to carefully consider when using some types or wood like plywood in thin grades are acceptable for transport or manufactured boards such as MDF are acceptable however for normal timber you have to be careful as there are international stamp standards for pallets and crates that must be adhered to at risk of having your goods stopped by Forestry or Bio-Security holds and face possible massive costs and risks of having your goods fumigated, ISPM-15 standard stamp is what you need to ensure your crate or pallet if made of wood needs to have on it.

This is what it looks like it can vary in width height etc however must have the ippc symbol as depicted below. The xx is the country code to NZ for New Zealand. The next 000 is the manufacturer code. The YY is the treatment code most common HT for heat treated.

Any questions about packaging call one of our shipping specialists today we should be able to help assist your with any questions you have.