Every Kiwi loves a bargain and you only have to look over the ditch to realise there are some deals to be had. With such a difference in our markets the keen investor can be sure to realise a profit by investing in the right vehicle whether your shipping a written off car for parts, classic vehicles or run of the mill everyday drivers different makes and models sell for different prices in each market so the gains are yours to make simply by shipping. That’s not all but by large Kiwis and Australians move back and forward between the two countries so often that when coming home or moving to NZ you can help but consider taking your car with you. With so many reasons to ship your vehicle to NZ Rocket Freight is here to make sure it happens smoothly and effortlessly.

New Zealand has great service links with Australia being geographically very close to each other the transit times are fast especially from the east coast. We have roll on roll off services from all major ports in Australia to all major ports in New Zealand also we have Container options from all major ports in Australia to all major ports in NZ. Roll on Roll off is the cheapest option for shipping from Australia to NZ however it doesn’t suit all situations and you may need to opt for a container or a shared container service.

Major Ports In Australia

Roll on roll offContainers
Fremantle (Perth)Fremantle (Perth)
Port Kembla (Sydney)Port Kembla (Sydney)

Major Ports In NZ

Roll on Roll offContainers
Lyttelton (Christchurch)Nelson
Lyttelton (Christchurch)
Port Chalmers (Dunedin)

Buying in Australia can be a challenge however with so many great online auction websites and private listing sites it can be very easy to sit back in your chair and search for your next project or your next payday. Rocket Freight makes things super easy for you basically you only need to find and buy the car we will go pick up the car wherever it is in Australia and bring it to NZ. All the process it extremely seamless we handle the customs and MPI processes and deliver it directly to wherever you need it in NZ.

Moving to New Zealand from Australia? Want to take your car with you? many thousands of people do this and it makes sense financially with a great tax exemption law in NZ you can often bring your car in tax free which often makes it viable. The basic criteria for shipping your car back duty free is below which you must meet there are some definitions on this and you must have the relevant supporting documentation, so if you are unsure or have some more questions just get in touch with our team today.

  1. You must have owned and used the vehicle in Australia for more the 12 months
  2. You must have been outside of NZ for the whole of a 21 month period prior to either your departure from Australia or the Vehicle is picked up for shipping whichever comes first
  3. You must have the right to live in NZ which means either permanent residency or an Australian Passport holder or New Zealand passport holder often a 12 month work permit is the minimum requirement to the exemption, also and Australian permanent resident but still on a foreign passport it eligible just like an Australian passport holder

Do you have further questions?

Check our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about shipping a car from Australia to NZ.

At Rocket we love reuniting people with there cars or uniting them for the first time if you have a vehicle to ship from Australia to New Zealand then Rocket Freight is your premium shipping service we look forward to hearing from you today.