The ministry for primary industries is a mega government organisation with many responsibilities and one of them is enforcing controlled exports and imports to New Zealand. MPI and the relevant legislation governing your commodity type can be some of the hardest things to overcome in finding solutions to your freighting requirements. It can be the difference between having a commercially viable import product or legal export products.

Some of the most common types of MPI documentation can be found below:

Container Quarantine Declarations

Every full container (FCL) that arrives in New Zealand must have an accompanying Quarantine Declaration this form is a declaration of cleanliness of the container and must be filled out by the loader of the container at origin. If you do not have this Quarantine Declaration or the quarantine declaration is non-compliant you will be hit with expensive 6 sided examination fees on the port and supervised unpacking fees from MPI this could be in the thousands depending on how long it takes to unload and check all your cargo. Its best to talk to our shipping specialists before shipping goods without the correct forms for all government agencies talking to us first could save you hundreds or even thousands especially if contamination is found.

Quarantine Declaration Form

NZCS 218 (Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration)

This for is used for all personal effects imports into New Zealand it doubles as a NZ Customs and MPI form making it easy for both government agencies to risk assess your cargo for entry to New Zealand if you have a personal effects shipment arriving you will nee to complete this form correctly. Please see our short video on how to complete this correctly.

Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form

Packing List

Packing lists are detailed itemised and in some cases value assigned inventories of goods shipments for all personal effects or household goods shipments you will need to produce one either our packing company will produce one if you pay for packaging with us or you will need to produce one yourself if you pack your goods yourself. Its always best to number every item with a number and what the goods are in that package when taking insurance out with us it is very important to assign a value to each item as you pack the goods. Please see our short video on how to create a packing list. Please see a link to our template packing list. MPI will review this packing list upon importation to new Zealand for risk assessment purposes items of high bio-security risk will be singled out for inspection like xmas decorations or outdoor equipment. When packing goods or tendering them to us for packing its always useful to think is it even worth shipping this item as it maybe worth less than the inspection costs if your unsure we can help guide you also always make sure everything you ship to New Zealand is clean and free from unwanted pests and diseases this will reduce your chances of MPI ordering your goods for destruction or expensive treatments upon inspection in NZ. As always if you are unsure about any aspect of this give us a call we have shipping specialists available to aide you in your decision making process it might be the difference between passing your quarantine inspection on arrival or failing and paying extra fees to remedy the situation.

MPI Supplementary Information Declaration

This is another form that goes into more detail about your personal effects shipment and we recommend filling this out with every personal effects consignment to NZ.

MPI Supplementary Information Declaration