The Documentation required to obtain a Concessionary Entry also known to people as the GST Exemption with New Zealand Customs on your vehicle can be quite complex if your case is difficult however below is a guide to what documentation you should have available to prove that you fit the GST Concession requirements under law.

This section deals with the paperwork required and is a guide to assist you in providing the right documentation and complying documentation.

Purchase Invoice

The Purchase invoice is one of the most important documents that you can provide supporting your application for GST exemption, it needs to be dated in a way to show you bought paid and took possession of the vehicle from more than one year before you either departed the country of origin or surrendered the car for shipping whichever came earlier. It also needs to show the purchase price. If you don’t have a purchase invoice please contact the dealer you purchased the vehicle from often they will have records retained for many years and can easily send you another copy. If you don’t have a purchase invoice and you bought the vehicle privately or just have a handwritten purchase invoice then there may still be ways we can claim the concession for you, get in touch with one of our experts today we have helped many people through getting the concessionary entry on your vehicle.

Registration Documents

A Registration Certificate showing the date you acquired the vehicle or the date it was transferred into your name is also a great document to supply to us as added proof of your eligibility for the GST Concession. If you don’t have the certificate or transfer papers sometimes even a reminder notice can work if it links your name to the vehicle and is dated from more than 1 year prior to your departure from the country of origin or your surrender of the car for shipping whichever happened earlier.

Insurance Paperwork

Often Insurance paperwork contains information proving your length of ownership and is another useful tool in providing proof of length of ownership.

Passport and VISA’s

We will need a copy of your passport in full colour and high quality. It must be signed so please check you have signed yours with E-Gate these days we have found quite a few customers who have forgotten to sign the passport where indicated. New Zealand customs will check your passport upon application to them for the GST exemption and make sure you have been outside of new Zealand or domiciled outside of new Zealand for the required period of 21 months. If you don’t meet this then your GST exemption application will likely be rejected. Short Holidays and small trips back to NZ can often be taken into consideration by the officer looking at your case, often if we inform customs of these with the reasons they still consider you as eligible however it is on a case by case basis. NZ and AU passports automatically qualify the holder to NZ Residency however any other Passport holder will need to have a copy of there VISA sent to us to prove they have the right to be in NZ normally under most circumstances all VISA’s longer than 12 months will be considered eligible for this part of the requirements.

NZCS224 (Client Code Application)

This form registers you as a user in the customs TSW system and allows us to process your application.
Private Individual Application NZCS224A

E Ticket

If you haven’t arrived in NZ then a copy of your Airline E-Ticket is essential as it lets NZ Customs know when you will be arriving in New Zealand. If you have already arrived in NZ then just let us know the date you arrived in NZ.

If your not a returning resident then skip this question. Returning Residents we need to know when you departed from new Zealand to live overseas permanently when you arrived back if you haven’t supplied an e-ticket and how long you have been away for this is only if you are a returning resident.

ODO Reading

Last thing we need is a reading of your ODO reading when your last with your car so please make sure to do this before departing company with your vehicle.

Any questions about the documentation you need or if your don’t have some of it or its not quite up to spec then check out our FAQ section. If that still doesn’t assist fill out and enquiry form below or just pickup up the phone and contact one of our team now for assistance likely we will be able to answer your questions straight away or point you in the right direction.